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Magnetic Head
Velcro Head
3 Pack of Screws

5.35″ w X 4.5 L
3″ w X 3″ L


Perfect Swing Trainer Vest

The perfect Swing Trainer Vest has two applications to help the player hear the swing.

The basic function is using the Velcro wristband to connect to Velcro on vest.
Players who “Drop their hands “ or disconnect early will here the Velcro rip way to soon and know they made a mistake. Essentially giving them the ability to self correct through the audio the Velcro provides.

Players will eventually hear the Velcro rip near contact which is followed by the “ping” from contact. They will learn to hear the rip and contact simultaneously and learn the short path to ball.

The magnetic option is used to time the stride and landing when the toe touches the ground.
The player will learn to Coil / separate/ barrel load/ Scap load (these are common names for the action we are trying to help player correct. When the player gets their hand back correctly they accomplish the terms in relation to coil above) at landing.

The player will eventually hear the magnet strike the landing pad early or on time.
In my experience many players have trouble getting the  magnet to touch metal when they drop hands. So it will take some work to train the action. Just be patient and determined. It will eventually click.

Also it’s ok to attach the magnet to landing pad early to help the player get use to the position.
The magnet cap should literally mirror the metal landing pad through first phase of Swing.

We included language in patent to cover a hybrid magnet and Velcro cap that will allow the player to get the benefits of both attachments. That will be launched sometime next year.

All vest purchased include:
– 1 “all size fits all vest”
– 1 wrist band with 2 screws
– 1 sleek light weight metal plate attachment for magnet.
– 1 magnet cap and 1 Velcro cap.